A once boxer turned dandy. Italo Manca is the dandy of colours and an elegance that goes outside of the classic schemes capitalised by blue and grey. He was born in Liguria but raised in Milan. For him, elegance is a joy, hobby and dream. Observing him while he is creating his ensemble from his grand wardrobe is a lesson more unique than it is rare. He will use one, or at most two colours for every outfit. The second colour has to at least countermand the first. Or vice versa. The attention to details is the basis of his elegance. From the cuff-links to his socks, the profile of his silk jacket to the colour of his glasses, everything has to be harmonious.

"...For him, elegance is a joy, hobby and dream".

He was born into a family familiar with bespoke for generations. “My father”, he confirms “was paraplegic after the First World War”. Despite this, he went to the shoemaker, he went to the tailor, he went to the shirt-maker, and he changed his outfit twice a day. He was a great example in how he gave himself dignity, living a normal life despite being wheelchair-bound. For him, elegance was innate, but something that can be improved. “Today I see everyone dressed in grey. Especially professionals. I know dozens of them and I say “change your clothes!”. Maybe it's the thing that homogenises people.”

"He was born into a family familiar with bespoke for generations".

Since being a child he had the fortune of not being dressed by his parents. He always chose for himself what to wear and how to wear it. He has never bought ready-to-wear shoes. Nor many jackets. It was a custom of his family to wear everything bespoke. Italo Manca has two restaurants in Milan. His profession within the field of hospitality was born purely by chance. He ran out of money on a vacation in France and went to the hotel De Paris in Montecarlo. There he passed many years learning everything until he reached the top level of the hotel administration. Before opening a restaurant in Milan he travelled a lot between the most exclusive places in New York, London and France. Also on these occasions he never wore a uniform of his place of work. He always had a bespoke outfit in order to be an example to the clients.

"Since being a child he had the fortune of not being dressed by his parents".



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